You Need to be on a Team

Do you want to do something great?

Make something significant? Make the world a better place? You’re not alone. Most people want to have a meaningful impact on the world. However, your chances of achieving your dreams are far more likely if you are with a team of people working towards the same end. You need to be on a team.

Chances are you are not a master of all science, engineering, marketing, design, management and manufacturing. Who is? Name one person who achieved an amazing result all by himself. Here’s the list I’ve got: 1) Batman; 2) Spiderman… Well, you get the idea. Here’s a more real list of people who have achieved amazing things: Wright Brothers, Steve Jobs, Gordon Moore, George Lucas. You can add your own. What do they have in common? They were all part of a team, or had an awesome team behind them. Without that team, there efforts would have amounted to nothing. Was there any great music artist that never had a band? No. No one who has accomplished great things did so with no help whatsoever. That’s also why you can’t do it alone. But don’t let that stop you. The first and absolutely necessary step in making any great idea come to life is to build the team who will help you do it.

The great news is that if you’ve got a great idea, there are lots of people who would love to join you and work to achieve it. You can start building a team by creating it on Then start your networking. Invite others to join you. If they’re not already members, invite your friends and acquaintances who have great skills to join. Even if they don’t join your project, you may be doing them a great favor if they find a project that truly inspires them.

Maybe you’re not sure your idea is the greatest. Not a problem. Create the team on If it’s a really great idea and you’re inviting many people to join, some will join and before long you’ll have a great team doing amazing things. If not, still no problem. Take a look around. Lending your skills to make an awesome idea have an awesome team will be the greatest thing you’ve done for yourself. Maybe you will be the core of the team of the next Apple, the next Amazon, or the next Pixar.

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Why delay? Why perpetually put off your dreams until everything is “perfect,” or until you “have enough time.” When have you ever sat back and told yourself, “I’ve got a lot of free time now!” If you’re like me, that’s never. Start now, and keep refining it. Taking that first step might be the most difficult. But you can do it. Sticking with it and moving the needle forward a little bit each day is difficult to. Embrace the challenge. Learn to love it. One thing is for sure. If you never even start, you will certainly never finish. So go ahead, click that button to register and create a team and get moving!


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