How to make maximum use of the team projects site

Completing your profile

The first step in building a team, or joining a team is to give others confidence in who you are. That means being transparent about yourself, your values and desires, and your skills. Would you want to join up with someone who won’t even tell you his name? Probably not. Use your real name, and be honest about your experience and skills. You’re not required to have amazing skills in all areas. No one does. And that’s why you’re here, to find people who complement your skills by being better at something than you are.

Setting up your team home page

Take time to make the team project images attractive and representative of your team. They don’t have to be perfect from day 1 because you can change them anytime.

Make a brief team description that gives “the elevator pitch.” Make it clear what you’re trying accomplish in as few words as possible. The description is what people see as they’re browsing teams.

You can then add a first team post which you can pin up as the home page post. This will appear when people click your team panel to learn more. Here you can make a more detailed description of what the project is, how far along so far, what the team needs in resources (human or otherwise), and anything else you want people to see when they click for that second look at your project.

You can use the team log entry form at the bottom of your team page to enter text only, or you can go to the menu item “+ New → New Post” at the upper left of the page. That will take you to the WordPress posting editor that allows you to add formatting and media to your post. That part is a little tricky because after you’ve made your posting in the editor, you need to go to the right side widget to select that your posting is a “Group Post,” and select your team as the intended group. Otherwise it will simply be submitted to the admin as a general article post (like this one), and may end up in no-where land for a while.

Making your team needs clear

There are two general ways to make your team’s needs clear. The first is by completing the “Team Needs” tab of the team configuration. This appears when you click the “Edit Team” button either near the bottom of the team page, or in the top left navigation menu. Clicking the appropriate check boxes here will allow others to search for your team based on open positions / skill sets needed.

The second method is by making more detailed needs known in the text related to your team. The most recommended places for that are:

  1. The main (home page) post for your team, which appears near the top of the team home page.
  2. Any other team log post (but this may become buried underneath subsequent log entries).
  3. In a team document (although the contents may not completely show from the home page).
  4. In a file on the team storage drive (although that will not show at all until someone downloads said document).

Inviting others to join

You can create a team, describe your project, and wait for the world to pave a path to your door. These days, that’s probably not the best winning strategy. Going out and asking as many people as you know, and a whole bunch you don’t know yet is the approach of most successful team builders. Ask the people you know, ask them to ask their friends. Most will pass, some will not. Keep asking, and then keep asking more.

Here’s an example invite you can use as a basis for your custom message:

Hello friend! I’m very excited to share this opportunity with you, and hopefully you’ll see why. I’m forming a team of awesomely talented people to ____________! I think you might have valuable skills which might really add a lot to the team. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of the next big thing! Would being part of the core founding members of something this awesome be extremely fulfilling to you?

I hope you can take a look at my project. If it’s not exactly something that you really like, there’s a whole community of entrepreneurs at the website I’m using to build the team, and maybe you’ll find your passion there, but please take a look at my project first and let me know what you think!

PS – If you’re not interested, do you know anybody who might be? I’d really appreciate your help in building a great team.

Staying Active

Keep the team updates rolling. Add to your log often. Teams that have shown no activity for a long time are less likely to attract the attention they need. And of course keep asking for people to join your team!

Protecting your IP

Use the tools of the website to show enough information to get people interested in your project. There are team documents which designated members can work on and cooperatively edit. The documents feature lets you see a revision history and who changed what. You can also use a limited team storage drive for shared documents in other formats.

But do not put any critical IP up on this website. Keep your trade secrets and secret coding somewhere else. This site has minimal security. It can keep honest people honest, but no guarantees beyond that.

This site is made for putting out public information to attract team members, not as a depository for secret team documents.

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