Floating Estate

Create a new class of water craft which:

  • Primary living levels standing at least 100 feet above the water level, out of reach of any Draupner (highest recorded rogue) wave.
  • Primary flotation chambers below the level of high seas (about 60 feet).
  • Many redundant flotation chambers with dynamic buoyancy, which can adjust for weight changes and shifts from above.
  • Underwater, controllable wings to maintain a level attitude while the craft is moving through the water.
  • Dynamically moving and retractable outriggers which maintain a level attitude when the craft is not moving.
  • Retractable outriggers with engines and propellers in the back for powered movement.

Secondary requirements:

  • Automated retracting sails for efficient low cost movement.
  • Levered outriggers which can capture wave motion for:
    • Electric power
    • Desalinization
    • Compressed air for flotation chamber dynamics
  • Underwater air tank for holding compressed air for flotation chamber dynamics
  • Extendable underwater feet for multi-point anchoring
  • Elevators for deploying and loading secondary water craft, people, and cargo

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