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Rather than the typical alarm system which only knows how to send special codes to a specialized monitoring facility, this project will inform you directly if it sensed anything, and be able to contact you through:

  • Internet email
  • Messaging apps
  • SMS
  • Voice phone call

Alerts can include pictures from cameras, and sensor data such as:

  • motion
  • door and/or window
  • gas
  • moisture
  • water level sensors
  • etc.

While there are a few self monitoring systems on the market today, they all have extremely high negative reviews and high customer dissatisfaction.  There is a hunger in the market for something which is extremely reliable and does not depend on the use of the company’s servers in which to operate.

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Are you working on your invention all alone? Or if you have some friends working with you, do you all have similar backgrounds and skill sets? If so, you’re probably spinning your wheels. You need a team. You need it now. Why? Because a team of people, especially if they have diverse skill sets, will … Read More

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